Moody's Analytics CreditLens Redesign

UX Designer
Skills Used – User Research, High-fidelity Prototyping, Wire-framing, Interaction Design, Visual design, User Testing (A/B testing), and Web Accessibility (WCAG).

I worked on a collaborative team of 5 designers that each shared a unique set of skills. I was honored to be able to not only help design and create high-fidelity prototypes, but also use my development experience serving as the liaison between designers and frontend developers to implement Google Material Design & Bootstrap 4 – while maintaining our agile process and morning stand-ups.


The CreditLens platform is built on the latest technology with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning capabilities that help the solution learn as you use it.

The easy-to-use interface and pre-built dashboards allow you to quickly visualize your entities and full portfolio.

Moody's Analytics


Implementing a new & innovative design system based on Google’s Material Design guidelines; including WCAG Accessibility guidelines, Implementing new Typography and Iconography libraries.
  • Following Material Design Guidelines to implement Material Design principles, styles, and best practices
  • Material Components for the web
  • Accessibility Guidelines
  • Iconography – Access five sets of stylized system icons, available in a range of formats and sizes