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Buyer's Guide Meal Delivery Redesign

UI Designer & Frontend Developer
Skills Used: User Research, Interaction, Visual design, Prototyping & Testing, Bootstrap 4, Graphic Design.
I was the only designer for Wickfire.com & BuyersGuide.org, working alongside 2 backend developers and reporting directly to the CTO.


Buyer’s Guide to help consumers make smarter purchasing decisions. Our goal is to highlight helpful, data-driven information that allows our users to pick out great products that meet their specific needs. Relying on strong data analysis to drive our site lets us provide you with better recommendations and more helpful product information.


The specific goal of this particular project was to increase the usability, increase click-through rates, make UI components more functional and attractive.

  • Implement a design process – This has helped our team establish more structure to how we conduct our work and allow other teams to gain visibility across our upcoming sprints.
  • Implement a design kit/style guide – This has helped to maintain consistency in the look and feel across different parts of the site, especially across different browsers and screen sizes.
  • Create High-fidelity prototypes and scalable vector graphics – Updated the entire look and feel of the site, giving it a refreshing redesign – with testimonials to show the successful results.


The new design resulted in a new record of 2M monthly visitors, a 20% increase in out-clicks, and 60% more conversions.

Design Components

Hello Fresh - popup design

buyer's guide design


buyer's guide redesign