About Me

I’m a designer & lifelong learner with 5 years of experience. I’ve learned a lot of the processes, concepts and theories of UX/UI and product design through attending and speaking at conferences, reading blogs and applying this knowledge in my spare time and at work.

In my free time, I write articles & tutorials on the latest UX/UI trends, image optimization, and design software.

My Start in Design

As a junior in college I took an opportunity to get my first experience as a web design intern at a Radiology Practice in Omaha, NE.

After earning my degree, I was offered a full-time position. Seeing patients and physicians use a website that I designed cemented my passion for UX and Product Design.

I felt compelled to create Omaha Code – a tutorial site to empower designers and frontend developers. I also created websites for local businesses. These businesses include Wine 121, Esch Cattle Company, Omaha Code, and more.


BSBA, Marketing & Management, Mammel College of Business, University of Nebraska-Omaha, 2015.


Selected as a 2019 Cloudinary.com Media Developer Expert. Cloudinary is the market leader in providing a comprehensive cloud-based image and video management platform. 


It sounds cliché, but almost every activity that involves being outside and in nature is what I’m interested in — fishing, hiking, paddle-boarding, surfing, kayaking, etc.